Hours of Operation: Monday - Sunday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | Self-Serve Fueling Available 24/7

Airpark Aviation Center

(386) 279-4109

FBO Services at Great Rates

Fly into Massey Ranch Airpark and enjoy Central Florida's beautiful east coast - or simply fuel up and continue your journey.  Airpark Aviation Center offers FBO services to pilots from all over the Southeastern United States.

Aviation Fuel

Our self-service fuel system accepts most major credit cards and is available 24 hours a day. Our prices are some of the lowest in the region. 

Refueling Area

Fuel Prices (As of May 16, 2024):

  • 100LL - $5.35
  •   Jet A -  $4.26

Tie-Downs & Hangar Rentals

Leave your airplane at Airpark Aviation Center at a low daily or monthly rate. There is no charge for parking unless you stay overnight. All airplanes are monitored by security cameras 24 hours a day. Hangar rentals are also available. Contact us to find out about availability.

All tie down payments are due in advance to the FBO along with a signed tie down registration. Our terms and conditions for tie downs are located below and on all aircraft registrations that are to be filled out upon arrival. Aircraft registration forms are located inside the FBO during staffed hours. Otherwise, they are available in a dropbox on the front porch of the FBO and they can be deposited along with payment in the dropbox by the door.

Don't forget- you can call the FBO anytime with questions!

Tie Down Rates 
Aircraft Type Daily Monthly
Single Engine $15.00 + 6.5% tax = $15.98 $150.00 + 6.5% tax = $159.75
Twin Engine  $20.00 + 6.5% tax = $21.30 $200.00 + 6.5% tax = $213.00

Tie Down Terms and Conditions:

  1. Airpark Aviation Center, Inc. (AAC) does not accept any responsibility for the condition of tie down ropes. The aircraft owner/operator has the responsibility of inspecting tie down ropes to determine that they are adequate to properly secure the aircraft.  AAC shall not be responsible for any damage to an aircraft on the tie down ramp for any reason
  2. In the event of a hurricane or severe storm warning the owner/operator agrees to remove the aircraft from the ramp. 
  3. The owner/operator hereby certifies that a current liability insurance policy covers the aircraft during anytime it is parked or operated on the FBO premises and tie down ramp and futher agrees to hold AAC harmless for any damage caused by the aircraft or its operators. 
  4. All aircraft parked on the tie down ramp shall be maintained in an airworthy condition unless otherwise approved by AAC. Failure to comply with this condition will result in a monetary penalty as determioned by AAC.
  5. No repairs or maintenance of aircraft, other than normal preflight inspection, is permitted on the tie down ramp. 
  6. No fuel drained from sumps shall be discarded on the tie down ramp. Any fuel drained from aircraft shall be returned to the aircraft's fuel tank or discarded in approved containers and removed from the premises. 
  7. No vehicle parking is allowed on the tie down ramp. 
  8. No refueling of aircraft is permitted on the tie down ramp. If the owner/operator wants to refuel with portable containers, the refueling activity must take place on the concrete pad located at the fuel pumps. Also, the owner/operator agrees that if fuel is dispensed to aircraft from sources other than the fuel pumps located at AAC, such as auto fuel, a flowage fee of $1.00 per gallon shall be paid to AAC. 

Pilot's Lounge 

Relax in our comfortable pilot's lounge while you work on your flight plans or wait for your passengers. We provide free coffee and water, and there are plenty of power outlets where you can charge all your devices. Don't forget to ask our staff for the WiFi password! 

Avionics Sales and services 

Absolute Aviation is conveniently located at the FBO and can take care of all your avionics needs.